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A few things I enjoy doing


I am specialised in the dissemination of design through digital media, curatorial practice, research, and writing. I have BA Product Design degree from Escola Superior de Artes e Design in Porto, Portugal.


Since my graduation from MA Curating Contemporary Design programme which was a partnership between Kingston University and Design Museum London, I have been curating projects with a focus on an interdisciplinary approach.

Cultural Heritage

Currently, I am Ph.D. fellow and research assistant in Computer Science Department at Torino University. My fellowship is supported by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 754511.


My specific research project is Digital Curation for Cultural Heritage: Through Linkages Between Digital Technologies, Preservation Actions And Semantic Challenges.

Decoding Digital Curation for Cultural Heritage

Digital curation in cultural heritage organizations is becoming more and more established as a practice as empirical research into tools, techniques, skills, standards and best practices in particular contexts emerge. Digital curation activities are complex processes that involve diverse skills and techniques, software tools and systems, and a range of professional and paraprofessional practices. The lack of acknowledged models opens the way to the usage of algorithmic approaches as an alternative/support/aid to human curation, especially as personal filters and as generators of public experiences realized through machine learning and virtual reality tools. However, the relationship of curation with materials and their digital counterparts lacks an encompassing effective framework. Here, we claim that an encompassing framework of digital curation is strongly needed: this would provide and open to the development of software environments in support. 

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It addresses all the phases that concern the digital curation activities, as well as broader technological factors impacting digital curation practice. 


It aims to surface similarities and differences in digital curation activities, as well as broader technological factors impacting digital curation practice.

A Multiple Perspective Account of Digital Curation for Cultural Heritage

Cultural heritage management is a multiple-perspective enterprise where several disciplines and practices contribute to successful dissemination and communication. Digital data in support of cul-
tural heritage management are addressed by the digital curation process, which has been emerging in cultural heritage organizations to account for the diversity of disciplinary communities and cultural organizations. 

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Digital curation addresses the diversity of participating skills and practices by working on the relationship between the cultural heritage objects and their digital counterparts. 


In this paper, we provide a survey of the digital curation process, by unpacking the component curatorial tasks, with the solutions that have been proposed in the literature and in the application projects to account for the multiple perspectives at hand.


Designing and Curating for Immersive Experiences

This talk focuses on the intersection of design, science, technology and cultural heritage studies with an aim to create a framework to help to understand the opportunities for collaboration in the creation of successful outcomes for exhibits, both in-situ and online.

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